Friday, February 16, 2007

Way of Life!

I started running in 1989 with the encouragement of my college roommate. Iran my first marathon in 1993 and hated every step of the way, but I've beenrunning ever since. When I turned 35 and hit a physical plateau - no amountof running could take the weight off or increase my speed, but I hated thegym and couldn't bring myself to go there for supplemental exercise. Ineeded to find something to put the "sprint" back in my step. I foundCross Central bootcamp through a co-worker in August of 2006 and I've beendoing it ever since. I certainly don't attend the 5:30 a.m. class forconversation (way too early for me to socialize). Through Jeremy's class,I found that I can do half the amount of running that I used to (approx.20-25 miles per week) through his blended workout of high intensity cardio,plyometrics, and strength training. I'm faster, stronger and almost twopant sizes smaller! Besides my husband really taking notice (he didn'tthink my legs could be any better than they already were), the best thing isthat I don't have to work nearly as hard at the running as I used to. Iwould highly recommend Jeremy's Cross Fit class....if you're lucky enough toget in...because Cross Fit IS the best kept secret in town!Hope this is okay

-Catherine Fisher

Crossfit Central has changed my entire life. Not only am I stronger in my everyday life, which includes taking care of two young children and running a $130 million business, but my running is so much stronger. I ran the 3M Marathon easily without much training at all. I have been in Jeremy Thiel's program for 6 months now. He brings the "champion" out of everyone. Jeremy's knowledge in the fitness and running world is vast as well. Crossfit is the best thing I have done for myself since I started running 30 years ago. Crossfit is a way of life!

Lea Holubec - Austin Texas

I have completed more than 5 months of boot camp. I noticed an improvement with my running within 6 weeks. I believe this is due to the cross training I receive at Cross Fit Boot Camp. With the amount of core training boot camp offers, I have become a stronger runner. Specifically, I ran my fastest Turkey Trot this past November at a 7 minute mile pace (last year I completed the same race at an 8 minute mile pace). Recently, I completed the 3M Half Marathon in 1:38 (7:30 pace) which I have not done in 9 nine years (same time last year, I ran the same race in 1:46).

Kim Williams Austin Texas